Car Weather Stripping in Tempe, AZ

Has the sun or time worn away your car’s window weather stripping? Dry heat and age can cause stripping to crack and erode, leaving your windows vulnerable to everything from heat to pests, and even blemishes. Arizona Custom Glass Tinting restores car weather stripping, so Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, AZ drivers can get back to traveling throughout the Valley of the Sun with a tight seal around their windows.

Benefits of Auto Weather Stripping

The windows, doors and trunk of your vehicle all feature auto weather stripping as a seal and protective barrier. When this seal begins to break down, it leaves your interior exposed to the elements. Here’s why car weather stripping is so important and why it should be replaced at the first sign of degradation:

Car Weather Stripping

  • Keeps noise levels under control and at a minimum
  • Keeps cabin air controlled and comfortable
  • Reduces wind noise when traveling at higher speeds
  • Prevents pests from getting into your vehicle
  • Keeps dirt and dust buildups to a minimum

Weather stripping doesn’t cost very much, yet has profound benefits that improve every ride in your vehicle. It’s a worthwhile investment any car owner should make!

Weather Stripping for Every Seal

As an all-in-one weather stripping expert in Tempe, AZ, we can replace weather stripping wherever it’s eroded or damaged—including doors, windows and your trunk. We’ll inspect the damage and provide you with an upfront estimate. We generally recommend having all your weather stripping replaced if age is the issue, and can provide costs for whole-car weather stripping services.

Keep Your Ride Cool

Weather stripping is your first line of defense against road noise, intrusive heat and more. Protect your cabin and enhance the comfort of your ride with new weatherstripping, courtesy of Arizona Custom Glass Tinting! Contact us today at 480-897-6025 for more information about our auto weather stripping, car window tinting, or paint protection film services or to schedule an appointment.