Paint Protection Film in Tempe, AZ

Beyond window tinting, Arizona Custom Glass Tinting also offers paint protection film for all vehicles. We know how damaging the climate in Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, AZ can be to your car’s clear coat and paint, which is why we bring drivers top-of-the-line wrap and coating products that ensure ultimate protection. Don’t let the harsh sunlight, high heat and dusty air detract from your vehicle—some visit us for a clear bra car coating today!

What is a Clear Bra Car Coating?

A clear bra is a type of paint protection film that’s applied over the clear coat of your vehicle. It’s resistant to scratches, abrasions and blemishes, designed to protect your vehicle from everything under the sun—including the sun itself! It’s virtually invisible when installed and won’t harm your paint or clear coat.

Any vehicle can benefit from a clear bra car coating. We’ve wrapped everything from sedans to sports cars, trucks to SUVs. Every installation is completely customized to the vehicle, with results that yield protection for years to come.

Paint Protection Film

The Benefits of Paint Protection Film

The benefits of paint protection are immediate and lasting—especially in the Tempe, AZ climate. Take a look at some of the best reasons to invest in a clear bra car coating and the long-term value it offers:

  • Resistance to sun fading and UV paint damage
  • Protection against road debris like pebbles and sand
  • Protection from dust and smog buildups
  • Scratch-resistant and blemish-resistant
  • Custom coverage depending on the make or model

You’ll see the benefits of a custom vehicle paint protection coating immediately. Whether you’re protecting a new car, a classic car or your daily driver, we promise lasting results that speak for themselves.

Keep Your Paint Looking Great

Paint protection is a must-have for owners who want to maintain a superior level of perfection for their vehicle. Contact Arizona Custom Glass Tinting today to learn more about our paint protection services and the benefits of a clear bra car coating. Reach us at 480-897-6025 to schedule an appointment for paint protection film, auto window tinting, car weather stripping, and more.